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Maybank is Malaysia’s largest bank by market capitalisation and total assets and one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia, with total assets exceeding US$165 billion and having a net profit of US$1.75 billion for 2015,

Maybank is also ranked 95th in The Banker’s 2015 Top 1000 World Banks (as at July 2015) and is ranked 362 in the Forbes Global 2000 Leading Companies (as at June 2016).

Maybank is the largest public listed company on Bursa Malaysia, the Malaysian stock exchange, with a market capitalisation of US$19.1 billion as of 31 December 2015.

Maybank’s Islamic banking arm, Maybank Islamic, is ranked as the top Islamic bank in Asia Pacific[2] and fifth in the world in terms of assets.[3]

Maybank’s network spans across all 10 ASEAN nations as well as key Asian countries and global financial centres with a network of 2,400 offices worldwide with more than 45,000 employees.



COBRA ENERGY DRINK was launched in December 2006 by Interbev Philippines, Inc. Cobra Energy Drink caters to individuals who lead an active lifestyle and whose jobs or hobbies require them to perform at an optimal level whether physically or mentally. COBRA provides the “extra energy” for enhanced mental and physical performance.

Cobra Energy Drink contains the following unique blend of ingredients that enable the body to achieve the extra energy needed to perform one’s daily tasks:

B Vitamins – are often called energy vitamins. It fights fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety and depression.
Inositol – is very helpful in the treatment of depression, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is also used to prevent hardening of the arteries, protect the heart and treat cancer.
Ginseng – increases resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress and builds up vitality. Ginseng increases physical and mental capacity for work.
Taurine – It is an essential nutrient observed to treat cardiovascular diseases, hypercholesterocemia, epilepsy, seizure disorders, muscular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease & modulation of cellular calcium levels.
Caffeine – improves one’s endurance. It is an ergogenic aide that stimulates muscular performance. Taurine combined with caffeine enhances one’s concentration and reaction speed while improving emotional status.

With the active lifestyle that we have today, COBRA ENERGY DRINK can play a great role in our everyday living.



Fill yourself with the all-natural goodness of Vitamilk soymilk! A yummy & healthy drink, it is rich in protein, energizing and heart healthy!

A creamy and delicious soy milk made from fresh, non-GMO soy beans.

It is packed with:
8g of protein for muscle development
90mg of calcium for stronger bones
225mg of potassium for a healthy heart, and
33g of carbohydrates for energy.
Who would have thought something soy healthy could be soy yummy!



Science in Sport delivers superior sports nutrition, so you can train harder, race faster and recover quicker.

No other sports nutrition brand in the world has recently won more medals than Science in Sport (SiS). With its commitment to deliver the best nutritional products, SiS is easily the top choice of elite-level and medal-winning athletes.


2xu logo

2XU is fast becoming the most technical performance sports brand on the planet. Worn by multiple world champions, endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines, 2XU understands what is needed to be the best. Developed by athletes for athletes.

We understand that technical innovation is only as good as the ideals and philosophy that guide it. For this reason we have developed the following values. All are created with a view to improve our R & D, production, design and delivery services.



U-Bix Corporation is a 41-year-old Top 1000 Company engaging in selling and distributing office machines and their related services with the objective of being a one-stop solutions provider for its customers.

U-Bix prides itself on setting the industry standards for quality service. Our service commitment is that we guarantee a 2-hour response time to client calls, from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week including holidays.  This is a commitment we have made 35 years ago which we continue to uphold today.

All of our Service Engineers underwent extensive Copier Technician Training Programs conducted by Facilities Management Academy – a TESDA accredited training school. These programs are specifically designed to train entry level workers in acquiring the necessary skills to become efficient copier key operators, copier technicians, service engineers, and refurbishing engineers.

Our Service Engineers are also Konica-Certified, or officially recognized by Konica to have mastered basic technical knowledge required for selling and servicing Konica Minolta machines. Being a Konica-Certified Engineer (KCE) exemplifies the highest engineer competence in assembling, refurbishing, and servicing office machines. U-Bix has the most number of KCEs nationwide – the second-highest among all Konica distributors worldwide.

In 2006, U-Bix was successfully certified to meet the requirements for ISO 9001:2000. Our certification was duly upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in 2010. By being ISO 9001 certified, our customers are guaranteed of systematic and continual improvement in providing excellent service.



From 1984 till present, Chris Sports offers a wide collection of sports gear and fitness equipment. Over 35 branches nationwide houses dozens of trusted global brands for all different kind of sports and fitness lifestyle.



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